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august cabrera

I am a woman who has spent the last decade pondering the confusing—and sometimes conflicting—connection between grief and grace. Passionate about truth in all its forms, I write to explore the intricacies of our shared human adventure.


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Act Anyway

Act Anyway

My mom said today I was braver than she ever was. That I have never been afraid to try new things,...

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true stories III

book launch

I was so excited to be a part of the latest book launch of True Stories from The Narrative Project. My reading from my piece in the anthology “Arlington” starts around the 54 minute mark.


true stories III

a bad widow

Volume III of True Stories will introduce you to the graduates and coaches of The Narrative Project (TNP), a dynamic organization that gives writers everything they need to get their books done. Led by author, teacher, and writing coach, Cami Ostman, TNP ushers writers through the process of taking a book from concept to product in hand. These stories are evidence that community and commitment work hand-in-hand to make writers’ dreams come true.

“A Bad Widow” is the story of my relationship with my husband before and after his death. This piece is taken from the introduction and shares a part of my experience as a trophy widow in the middle of a high profile interment at Arlington National Cemetery.

work in progress

A Bad Widow ~ a memoir

Balanced between devotion and devastation, “A Bad Widow” explores the intersection of complicated grief and a hero’s humanity. Reconciling conflicting truths about love, loyalty, and loss, this memoir asks and answers the difficult question, “How can something so breathtakingly painful also be so heartbreakingly beautiful?” 

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