I feel like a petty criminal today. I just washed my bedding and as I was putting on the pillowcases I realized I could stop shoving the tagged end of the pillows in the cases and instead -wait for it- cut the stupid tags off. Completely off. Down to the tiny stitches that had held them onto the pillow that belongs to me. I know the tags say do not remove under penalty of law, but for the first time I consciously continued reading and then processing the next line. Who would have thought there was actually another bit of instruction allowing me, the rightful owner of said pillows, to remove these law abiding nuisances?

Yes, am I probably the last adult left in the state to make such a startling discovery? Probably. But it got me thinking, what else have I missed because I stopped with the “no” instead of pursuing the “yes”.

This is why I do not, under any circumstance, hold or visit garage sales. If someone tells me they can only afford so much, or they need so much for some item, I  say yes because I hate (I know this is a strong word, but it is true in this context) bargaining. I will not barter. I do not negotiate. I pay sticker price for cars because I can’t bring myself to walk away when they say no to a lower price for the car I know I want. The back and forth game of starting high and going lower (house sales included in this list of things I am terrible at) is just another form of no in my mind.

This, I admit, is not a character strength. I would in fact view it as a serious character flaw. I get so wrapped up in being told no _-or being scared to be told no- I won’t take the risk and aim for the yes. There have been times I have wanted to be brave and adventurous, but the thought of being scolded and told no is so scary to me I back out of situations that would otherwise be worthy of a good story at a later date.

But not today. Today I was bold and brave. Today I did what I wanted to do because I didn’t stop at the no. 

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